Valene MacDonald


Before finding city life, Valene lived in a small town located in Northern Alberta, Canada. She would swim in lakes all summer and play in the snow all winter, and in-between she was just muddy. Nothing was more exciting to her then playing outside with her family, friends and animals and still to this day that trait stands true.

It was not always play time for Valene, she was a lucky girl in many ways and un lucky in others. Though her Mother was always a strong, positive and powerful influence on her, her farther was not. He was abusive in any ways to both Valene and her Mother. As a young girl watching her mother fight a man to save her daughter was not the ideal home situation. However she always felt that some of the best life lessons can be found after every struggle.

Valene’s Mother remarried an amazing man whom had nothing but love and patience. They all moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Valene began her path that would lead her to where she is today. Discovering the hair and makeup industry at the age of 14, Valene soon realized her passion and was unstoppable.

She started working full time in hair salons while in high school and sought after the best mentors to guide her through. Finishing high school and college at the same time, she shortly became a major player in the industry. Being trained by some of the top educators and brands in the world Valene had the opportunity to travel and expand her knowledge. She then began working behind the scenes as a business consultant and helping new or struggling salons go from an idea to a successful business. These endeavors eventually took Valene to Vancouver, BC where she resides now.

Married and happy Valene works alongside a makeup artist to educate women on how to apply their makeup and do their hair with ease. Together they teach their techniques and knowledge to the everyday woman, while encouraging self-confidence, empowerment and loving oneself. They also have their own makeup line and retail space in Vancouver. Valene has come a long way from the little girl on the farms, but true to herself, she will never say no to a good mud puddle.