Tiffany Allan spent almost a decade as corporate executive ranging from training, education, supervising, business development, marketing, and more. She has worked with numerous women that struggled with domestic abuse, financial hardship to assist them with enrolling, starting and graduating college. She has helped several non profits that focus on human trafficking.

A Northern California native, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles two years and started a luxury real estate company with her husband Inzio Property Management & Leasing. Inzio serves the needs of homeowners in a unique market with exceptional needs and knowledge of the diverse global economy in real real estate here in Beverly Hills.

Last year she co-founded Painted Mirror Productions on the mixture of both raw exposed creativity, congruent marketing and strong business plans. With the bandwidth for both ideas and structure PMP supports the artistic endeavors of its company without compromise.  PMP believes that meaningful art should be explored without settling, thus requires smart business acumen.

Besides her entrepreneurial endeavors Tiffany is a mother of two and an artist. She is passionate about education and the benefits of decreasing abuse and crime. She feels strongly that we must be advocates for those who don't have a voice and work hard to bring awareness, healing, support, justice, and a create a better world than how we have found it.