Dr. Maura Tuso

Dr. Maura Tuso is an Endodentist based in San Diego. She is a graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry with her her Post Doctoral at the University of Connecticut. She is licensed in California, New York, Massachusetts and Oregon. Dr. Tuso is a member of the AAE and American Dental Association among others. She is also currently in a graduate Global Public Health program at the University of Massachusetts School of Public Health and Medicine. 


As a survivor herself of a strangulation attempt, and a highly active community volunteer and advocate, Dr. Tuso connected with Face Forward in 2016 and immediately became impassioned for the cause. She began volunteering as a Committee Member and later became a Board Member in 2017. Maura is a member of San Diego Domestic Violence Council and member of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Her goals are to try to enhance law enforcement awareness and sensitivity when responding to 911 calls at the home for survivors. She also has a goal to enlist with "Medicins Sans Frontieres/ DWB" to journey to Uganda to fight the AIDS epidemic killing women and children in the sex trafficking trade.