Lori Dobrin was born in Romania. After high school she was recruited to the secret services school where she spent one semester, before soon changing her career both to pursue a degree in Fine Arts, Interior and Fashion Design. She moved to New York City after completing University and soon began a career in high-end restaurant management and became a sommelier after just a few years. She did this while at the same time working to also complete a BA in Forensic Psychology.


Lori later moved to Los Angeles to change career paths once again and began working in Luxury Concierge Service. She traveled the world extensively and faced some challenges along the way. Once she had tired of all the traveling, Lori began working in Luxury Retail at Roberto Cavalli where she has been ever since.


Loris is also a Certified Life Coach and is currently working on developing a Lifestyle coaching program. She is constantly working on evolving spiritually.  Helping others is Lori's passion, and she had been searching for many years to find a charity that was meaningful to her and that could use her help. She found Face Forward and became a Committee Member in 2016!