The Alessi's established Face Forward in 2007 to provide pro-bono physical and emotional reconstruction for women, children, and men who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or any cruel acts of crime.

 Both Mrs. Alessi and Dr. Alessi have a long history of supporting charitable initiatives and have served several not for profit organizations as both board members and benefactors.

 Mrs. Deborah Alessi is a Scottish-born business woman, who before coming to the United States, worked at the top of the aviation industry. She now works as CEO of Face Forward.

 Deborah Alessi was trained at Glasgow University where she received an advanced degree in business management. She entered the working world and moved to the Middle East where she began work for the Royal Family of Bahrain. Working in private aviation, Mrs. Alessi advanced rapidly through the ranks to manage the family's fleet of private aircraft. Her experience in the job included extensive travel and exposure to the finest of products, services and etiquette.

 Mrs. Alessi moved to the United States to further her career, where she has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies and private individuals in selecting, purchasing and managing private aircraft. Her most recent accomplishments with Face Forward have been as a result of Mrs. Alessi's unique ability to mix shrewd business acumen, upper echelon skin care and global philanthropy. As one journalist put it,  "It is rare to find an individual as beautiful on the outside as she is within. Deborah Alessi is that individual, and won't rest until Face Forward puts the brakes on domestic violence."


 Dr. Alessi has established a world-class practice over the past 23 years. Specializing in both Facial Plastic reconstructive Surgery and Head and Neck disorders, he is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and The American Board Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. Extensively published, he is the doctor's doctor, having given over 200 lectures on sinus surgery, facial rejuvenation and voice disorders. He spent several years as chief of the division at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is a clinical assistant professor at UCLA and Cal State LA. 

 For many years, he took care of many indigent trauma patients when they had no other doctor to turn to for reconstruction. Mrs. Alessi realized that, although these patients could be physically repaired, there was inadequate support system for aftercare. Dr. and Mrs. Alessi founded Face Forward to provide such care to get our survivors back into society as productive individuals.

Dr. Alessi serves as both the Co-founder of Face Forward and Director of its Physician Advisory Board. He also serves as an active Advisory Member of the Cosmetic & Reconstructive Support Program (CRS™) of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which was created to connect survivors of domestic violence to medical associations and professionals.